A brick mailbox is an ideal way to instantly add curb appeal to your home.

Job No: 18131010

Live on a busy street?

This double sided mailbox lets you check your mail in safety.

Job No: 12022210

The client wanted an open carport with some closed storage space. This is what they got.


Job No: 10102106

Imagine Brick was contacted by a family member who wanted to give their parents a new mailbox for Christmas. The metal structure is a dVault brand that was shipped directly from the manufacturer. The dVault mailbox features large secured storage space. Imagine Brick constructed the new mailbox in time for any letters to reach the North Pole.

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Job No: 09032710

Upon viewing our work online the homeowner selected a mailbox that features detailed accents such as the projected brick and arch to complement the design of the existing home.



Job No: 08092517

Special shaped ogee brick are used to distinguish this mailbox from other designs.

Job No: 08073125

This mailbox features a prominent space for the house numbers to be placed.

Job No: 08062310

Imagine Brick worked with the homeowner to design a mailbox that worked for the space provided. The homeowner used Imagine Brick because examples viewed online showed "fine lines and nice cuts."

Job No: 04070299

This mailbox features our standard terra-cotta pipe insert, and uses an oversize, super-sturdy metal box.

Job No: 04070199

This mailbox features a lot of detail cut-brick (arch and fan) and herringbone patterning. It also features a solar powered light on top. The mounting pole is electrical conduit which leads down to ground level for possible hard-wiring later. In addition, we built the new steps and side planters which adds additional substance to the base of the expansive front presentation.

Job No: 04030302

This mailbox was constructed in the same design as the entrance according to homeowners wishes. The top was cut to fit as part of a custom design.

See also the full entrance which we had constructed earlier as a separate job 04032216.

Job No: 03122908

This is a standard design for a masonry mailbox that was adjusted in scale to accommodate the oversized mailbox. Also includes a square terra cotta newspaper insert.

See also the full entrance which we had constructed earlier as a separate job 04032216.

Job No: 03082012

This mailbox was built to the homeowner's own design.

Job No: 03081420

The mailbox was damaged by a vehicle and rebuilt exactly as it was before, only better. A plastic mailbox was used as the insert in the new structure because the door can be easily replaced, whereas metal mailboxes must be replaced by changing the surrounding brick entirely. Also, the terra cotta newspaper insert which was used for the rebuild is more durable and pleasing to the eye than the plastic drainage pipe.

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Job No: 03030700

The original mailbox damaged. We rebuilt it in the same design.

Job No: 02060713

The homeowner wanted a nice new mailbox.

Job No: 02060702

The only thing holding up the old mailbox was the vine! We demolished that and the new mailbox stands proudly at the roadside. We use a terra cotta pipe insert in place of the plastic one in the old design.

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